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The food and beverage industry is a $6.4 trillion dollar industry that is steep with competition. Brands are constantly vying for shelf space to capture consumer attention amidst a landscape that is fast-paced and constantly evolving.

With so many choices, consumers are increasingly gravitating towards products that ‘do it all.’ They are unwilling to make tradeoffs between things like nutrition and taste, or convenience and sustainability.

True Essence Foods provides industrial-scale solutions for a wide range of industry challenges and consumer expectations. We work with food and beverage companies of all shapes and sizes, applying our technology solutions to improve the flavor and quality of their products, increase their sustainability practices, and accelerate innovation.

Foods and Beverages Bursting with Flavor and Aroma

When it comes to consumer adoption and brand loyalty, flavor is king. In fact, in a study* of more than 2,400 consumers, 93% said that taste is an important factor in their interest in a particular product.

At True Essence Foods, we recognize the power of flavor and have built a technology platform that uniquely protects it. True Essence Flavor Symmetry is a proprietary drying technology that enables our customers to capture and even enhance the fingerprint of flavor in a wide variety of products like fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and juices. Products dried using Flavor Symmetry are dried using a patented air circulation process, which uses a molecular-level filter to remove all of the water, while protecting and preserving the original flavors and aromas of the product. With Flavor Symmetry products:

  • Maintain their pure flavor and aroma
  • Are brighter and more vibrant in color compared to products that are conventionally dried

55% of consumers said that they are willing to pay a premium for food that contributes to their health and wellness, while 84% said they would consider the health and wellness benefits of a product when they make a purchase.

Healthy Products for Happy Consumers

Data shows that consumers are increasingly prioritizing their health and reaching for products that pack a nutritional punch. According to a recent report*, 55% of consumers said that they are willing to pay a premium for food that contributes to their health and wellness, while 84% said they would consider the health and wellness benefits of a product when they make a purchase.

Fresh products like fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and juices that are dried using True Essence Flavor Symmetry are dried at such low heat levels that they’re still raw, allowing all of the original nutritional benefits to remain intact.

Additionally, as many products are being scrutinized for added ingredients and being over-processed, True Essence Foods technology solutions are completely non-additive, providing industrial customers with the opportunity to produce and manufacture single-origin, clean-label products that their consumers want.  

Products that are Sustainably Superior

Today’s consumers want it all from the food and beverage products they choose and sustainability continues to be a key driver in their decision-making process. According to the World Economic Forum*, currently 65%, of consumers want to make the right choices to help them live a more sustainable life.

True Essence Foods solutions provide a holistic approach to food sustainability. Together with our customers we are employing our technology to minimize the negative impact that meeting growing consumer demand is having on our planet. Products made with True Essence Foods technology:

  • Require no cold chain storage, requiring less energy to be made, shipped and stored
  • Are shelf stable, reducing spoilage and overall waste
  • Help our customers meet their sustainability goals

At True Essence Foods we’re working with a wide array of industrial customers to solve a diverse set of challenges. Get in touch to learn more

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