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True Essence Flavor Symmetry


True Essence Foods Flavor Symmetry technology is a fully-integrated, proprietary solution that protects the fingerprint of fresh flavor of products while eliminating the need for refrigeration and cold chain.

True Essence Flavor Symmetry Process

Keep all of the flavor and freshness of a fresh product, while minimizing waste and your environmental footprint.

Designed to work with fresh products like fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and juices and concentrates, Flavor Symmetry employs a unique molecular filter which separates and removes water at an atomic scale, keeping the flavor, aroma, and nutritional components of your product intact.

Dried Strawberriesax

Protect the Essence
of Flavor

Preserves the fingerprint of flavor with a proprietary dehydration solution that removes water, while trapping in freshness.

Produce Premium,
Single-Ingredient Products

Traps in the natural nutrition, color, flavor, and aroma of foods by drying them without heat or pressure, resulting in a products that requires no additives or preservatives.

Carrots & cabbage

Eliminate Cold Chain,
Increase Sustainability

Dries fresh products to a shelf-stable state requiring no cold chain refrigeration, increasing sustainability for a positive impact on the planet.

Next level flavor and freshness for your next product.

True Essence Flavor Symmetry doesn’t stop at fruits and veggies. We partner with a wide array of producers to create an unparalleled taste experience—all with a more positive impact for the planet.

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Fresh, Flavorful, Sustainably Superior Foods & Beverages

Exceeding Consumer Expectations with Innovative, Industrial Solutions

True Essence Flavor Symmetry Machinery

A fresh take on sustainability.

Flavor Symmetry results in products with more freshness, flavor, color and aroma to entice consumers. All while requiring fewer resources and no refrigeration and to produce, transport, and store.


Partner with us to create a better tasting world.

Our technologies work with your current production process while revolutionizing your product and impact.



Crafting the Future of Bourbon

With consumer demand for authentic and high-quality spirits, bourbon distillers are leveraging True Essence Foods to redefine the craft and elevate the drinking experience.

Navigating Rising Costs of Chocolate Production

As severe weather events have driven cacao prices up a staggering 65%, chocolate makers everywhere are feeling squeezed and True Essence Foods can help.

A spirit of innovation

The spirits industry is a crowded one, with brands vying for shelf space as more players enter the category. Breaking in with a new product, or even increasing market share of an existing one, can be a battle.