Redefining flavor for the global good.

With our leading-edge food technologies, let’s create a more flavorful and sustainable world together.

True Essence Flavor Symmetry Process
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True Essence
Flavor Symmetry

Unrivaled freshness. period.

Never cooked. Never frozen. Our proprietary technology produces raw, dried foods that smell and taste fresh because they are.

What’s Flavor Symmetry?
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True Essence
Flavor Balancing

The purest flavor you’ve ever experienced.

Using True Essence Flavor Balancing technology, we ensure nothing gets between your taste buds and the essence of flavor.

What’s Flavor Balancing?

A fresh take on sustainability.

Rather than trying to make our food system more sustainable, we’re making a sustainable system for food.

Sustainable Food system
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Put your best food forward.

Working across industries to ensure foods and beverages taste fresh and balanced without any additives or preservatives.

What products work best?

Partner with us to create a better tasting world.

Our technologies work with your current production process while revolutionizing your product and impact.



Expert-Led Technology Implementation

Getting the most value out of True Essence technology starts inside your facility.

True Essence Foods Farm

Listening to the soil yields firsthand experiences to bring back to the lab

Fruit Nectar

Inspired by honeybees, introducing the world’s first shelf-stable fruit juice concentrate.