Using innovation to create more flavor, less waste, and a more sustainable planet.

Consumers expect to find the foods they want no matter what the season. As a result, the food industry creates an overabundance of perishable goods, much of which spoil before they are ever consumed or even sold. In the process, more than a third of the food produced globally goes to waste.

Food production involves four primary aspects: water, shipping, energy, and waste. Many sustainable innovations and technologies involve a trade-off—a good solution for waste involves more water, or what’s good for shipping might be bad for waste. That’s where True Essence Foods comes in.

True Essence is on a mission to create an all-encompassing sustainability solution for our food systems.

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of the world’s freshwater supply is used to grow food that is never eaten.1

True Essence uses technology to create fresh, shelf-stable foods that can reduce waste in the supply chain, which decreases the demand for water.



of the world’s fossil fuel energy is used in food transport refrigeration.2

With shelf-stable foods, companies can consider transportation by rail or barge to reduce energy consumption and cost.

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of all foods currently require refrigeration.3

Fresh, shelf-stable foods eliminate the need for refrigeration along with the additional energy it requires.



worth of food is lost or wasted every year.4

True Essence technology curbs food waste by creating shelf-stable food that eliminates spoilage.

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“You can’t support the math of consumer demand applied to everyone in the world. We’re going to break the world trying to fulfill that demand. We have to change our strategy.”

True essence founder, Matt rubin

True Essence has committed to the United Nation’s sustainability goals:

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Zero hunger
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Clean water &
Responsible Consumption icon
Responsible consumption & production
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Industry, innovation, & infrastructure
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Affordable &
clean energy

We already grow enough food to feed the world.

​​When implemented across the globe, True Essence Foods technology could lead to a staggering reduction in fresh food waste. We’re creating a world where consumers can enjoy the bright flavors and benefits of fresh products without wasting resources.

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