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About True Essence Foods

True Essence Foods is a food technology company rethinking everything we know about food. We are unlocking never-before-tasted freshness in shelf-stable raw foods. We are removing off-flavors to create the purest taste experience possible. And we’re doing it with less waste, less shipping weight, and less refrigeration ever imagined. As we invent our way toward a more flavorful and sustainable world, we invite you to join us. Together, we can change flavor, and the world, for good.

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Food technology for everyone.

True Essence Foods technology can protect and restore the flavors in a pantry’s worth of products. Fruits and vegetables are just the start. We also work with fermented beverages, coffee, chocolate, herbs, hops, and more.


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Our technologies work with your current production process while revolutionizing your product and impact.


Chocolate was our rocketship.

Chocolate is one of the food industry’s toughest products. It burns at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It hates moisture and heat, but you typically need both to turn it into something smooth, even though aroma takes a hit. We solved the unsolvable with technology that balances the opposing forces in chocolate, while unleashing its purest taste and scent. And because we solved one of the hardest problems out there, we had the technology to address products that can be found in all aisles of the grocery store.

Our Founder, Matt Rubin

Matt Rubin started his science career as a child. He entertained himself in the lab with liquid nitrogen and rubber bands while his mother, a biochemist, conducted experiments. Through lessons at home and adventures outdoors, Matt developed a deep appreciation for nature in its purest form.

Over the years, Matt studied chemistry, physics, and engineering, but biology remained his true passion. But studying biology alone wouldn’t protect an organism or ecosystem. He looked beyond the sciences and realized that the business community wasn’t invested in sustainability or the environment. And biologists weren’t invested in the business community’s economic concerns. So he devoted himself to learning business to become a liaison between the two—manifesting science into business opportunities.

True to his passion, Matt closely followed the emergence of thought around sustainability. While industries focused on changing one thing about their strategy, Matt worked on a truly sustainable solution that holistically accounts for five key variables—food, water, energy, transportation, and waste management. To this day, that approach guides True Essence.

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