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Introducing the True Essence Virtual Sampling Experience

Today, the average meal in the US travels 1,500 miles from farm to plate1. It’s a reality that is depleting our planet’s natural resources and negatively impacting the health of consumers, as food is often processed to keep it stable for transport and sale. A recent study cited the dangers of a diet that is high in ultra-processed foods, including a greater risk of developing cancer.

At True Essence Foods, we’re creating a whole new way to feed the globe that is more nutritious for consumers and more sustainable for our planet. Our non-additive technologies produce flavorful, shelf-stable products that maintain the same nutrition and taste as the day they were picked and remove the need for refrigerated transport and storage. The result is enhanced flavor, less waste and a myriad of products you need to taste to believe.

We launched the True Essence Virtual Sampling experience to give our potential industrial partners the chance to explore our capabilities firsthand via a guided tasting of our True Essence-made products, from fruits and vegetables to spirits, coffee, chocolate and more. Each product sample illustrates the unique, non-additive process at work and highlights the fresh, enhanced flavor nuances achieved through our technology.

At True Essence Foods, we’re creating a whole new way to feed the globe that is more nutritious for consumers and more sustainable for our planet.

What’s included in the TrueEssence Virtual Sampling experience?

Dried using True Essence Flavor Symmetry technology, these flavorful strawberries are still raw and full of the same flavor and nutrition as when they were freshly-picked. They’re also shelf-stable and have 80% less volume and 90% less mass than fresh products so they’re cheaper and more sustainable to ship and store.

With Flavor Symmetry technology, water is driven off, but all the flavor, color and nutrition remain. This mix of carrots, celery and onions are still raw, but shelf-stable, eliminating waste from spoilage and slashing energy usage and cost for suppliers and producers. When added to a broth, this vegetable mix reconstitutes to its original form – something impossible with conventional drying methods and freeze-drying – that you need to taste to believe.  

Fruit Nectar
True Essence Flavor Symmetry technology removes all the water of a juice concentrate product, but not any of the flavor, transforming it into a shelf-stable product the consistency of honey with 20x the potency of typical jams or jellies. Our process eliminates cold chain logistic costs for fresh juice and juice concentrate, which may account for up to thirty percent of the total value per gallon and require tremendous energy usage to keep products cold.

True Essence Flavor Balancing technology removes unsatisfying bitter off-notes of wood and sawdust and enhances the citrusy, nutty notes for a perfect pour. With this solution, producers can diversify their supply of beans and increase their margins, while maintaining the same consistent flavor and quality their consumers know and love.


Spices dried with Flavor Symmetry technology maintain bright, bold flavor, color and nutrition and can be used interchangeably with the fresh versions. The ginger and turmeric included in the sampling kit are shelf-stable, allowing producers to slash energy costs and spoilage, while increasing their margins.

True Essence technology unleashes chocolate’s purest taste and scent. With our process, tasters will be able to pick up the unique flavors of chocolates made with beans sourced from four regions around the globe, experiencing the differences of each.

True Essence Flavor Balancing enables distillers to remove off-flavors and rebalance fermentation byproducts to produce a more premium product with a more refined, nuanced taste. Tasters will recognize a smoother tasting experience without the bite. Our process meets all the requirements of a straight bourbon whiskey, while allowing distillers to eliminate the need for multiple distillation steps, without the use of additives.

Before Flavor Balancing technology is applied a gin may possess chemical, bitter botanical notes with a classic alcohol burn. Our technology rebalances flavor and removes off-notes, allowing the citrus peak to accentuate and linger upon the palate.  

With Flavor Balancing technology, chemical notes and alcohol notes have been eliminated, creating an enhanced, more refined taste profile for tasters to enjoy.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegars made with TrueEssence Flavor Balancing technology have less pungency and acidic bite when compared to standard vinegars. Our system makes any product with off-notes caused by fermentation byproducts more palatable and enhances the overall flavor for a smoother, more refined experience.

At True Essence Foods the possibilities are endless in the ways we’re transforming flavor and food for the global good. If you’re interested in receiving a sampling kit to taste our technology at work, get in touch to request yours:

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