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Expert-Led Technology Implementation

Getting the most value out of True Essence technology starts inside your facility.

What if you could snap your fingers and create a breakout food product just by adopting a new technology? Or cut energy costs in half simply by adjusting a manufacturing process?

Food and beverage manufacturers know this is easier said than done.

There are costs, workflow considerations, planning and training requirements to think about before you do anything to change how things are executed today.

Because these factors are very real and so important, a key part of our job at True Essence Foods is to help manufacturers make the move to realizing value from our technology as easy as possible.

Before you revolutionize your product, we check the boxes

A primary step in our process is to understand each client’s existing business and expectations so we can develop an integration plan for their new Flavor Symmetry or Flavor Balancing technologies. And to help ensure it's seamless, we partner with the operations and engineering experts at KESI management, a team focused solely on the food and beverage industry.

“Because KESI knows this industry so well, together we can help clients anticipate the kinds of mistakes that could happen and then make sure they don’t,” says Matt Rubin, Founder of True Essence Foods.

The KESI team works with food and beverage companies throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada. True Essence has been partnering with them since 2018 for clients in a variety of industry specialties, including:

• Fruits and Vegetables
• Cannabis
• Spirits and Wine

One major advantage they bring to our clients is their experience in every stage of the food and beverage value chain — from the farm to the end consumer.

“Most companies have barriers that they aren’t equipped to overcome on their own,” says Austin Kirtley, Founding & Managing Partner of KESI. For example, a company might have a great idea for a new product but not know how best to bring the idea to life. Unfamiliar or complex regulations and systems can get in the way. KESI knows how to navigate these barriers.

The KESI team visits the client’s facility with us to better understand expectations and determine how the True Essence technology should be incorporated into the site. They evaluate the client’s current operations and structural assets and constraints to provide a visual representation of how to move forward.

“We check off the boxes so the client can be more successful in the long run. We want the installation to be the easiest thing they do,” Kirtley says.

Scaling to 80K ounces with Greenleaf Juicing Company

Inside an empty commercial space in downtown Indianapolis, True Essence Foods partners looked out over concrete floors and began to visualize a modern, industrial-scale production facility for Greenleaf Juicing Company.

Based out of Indianapolis, Greenleaf is committed to offering people real food and inspiring sustainable, healthy change in the world. With these values in mind, the team at Greenleaf saw True Essence Fruit Nectar as having the potential to be a game-changing addition to their product line.

In order to fulfill this kind of ambition, Greenleaf wanted to be able to scale production to 80 oz per week of Superhuman nectar starting in 2023.  

“The big challenge within this project was that it involved all new equipment. We were starting from a blank slate, working to reach each milestone and working through each solution as we moved forward. Every piece was 100% custom.”
Austin Kirtley, Founding & Managing Partner of KESI

To deliver on our promise, we had to make sure the technology and process met Greenleaf’s expectations.

“The big challenge within this project was that it involved all new equipment,” Kirtley says. “We were starting from a blank slate, working to reach each milestone and working through each solution as we moved forward. Every piece was 100% custom.”

Working hand-in-hand with KESI, True Essence developed a design to integrate our  technology for Greenleaf in its new space.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems were fine-tuned to efficiently deliver and drain water, distribute heat and save energy. Tanks were selected to store and process organic fruits and vegetables according to HACCP guidelines for food safety. And we developed training for Greenleaf technicians to master their new technology.

At every step, we looked to the future — designing a facility layout and process map that would allow Greenleaf to scale production to its goal of 80,000 ounces per week of Superhuman nectar. In addition, Greenleaf’s capacity to process fresh fruits and vegetables will increase from 220 pounds to 6,000 pounds per week in 2023.

Interested in becoming a market leader?

A lot of “new” technologies are really improvements on existing ones. But True Essence Flavor Symmetry and Flavor Balancing technologies give food and beverage manufacturers flavor technologies they have never had access to before.

So what’s it like to be the first of your kind?

If you’re curious how True Essence can help you develop a new product, reduce energy or cut your cold-chain ties, start here.

Taste the True Essence Foods difference. Request a sample here.

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