You’ve never tasted fresh food like this.

True Essence Flavor Symmetry keeps ripe ingredients bursting with aroma, flavor, and color, while drying them to a shelf-stable state.

True Essence Flavor Symmetry Process
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True Essence Flavor Symmetry

Step 1 — it’s in the air

In all dehydration processes, flavor and water leave the food. Rather than being diffused into the surrounding environment, in the Flavor Symmetry process, all of the fresh flavor and aroma of the food goes directly back into it.


Step 2 — dried without degrading

As air is recirculated, it passes through an atomic filter that selectively pulls out any moisture while leaving flavor alone. Over time, the food dries through the incremental removal of water, and remains raw since no heat is used.

Step 3 — mind-blowing freshness

By removing water and recirculating air, fresh flavors, aromas, and colors are concentrated. The final product is one that is as fresh as it was on the farm, but reduced in both weight and volume.

Big taste with a small footprint.

Flavor Symmetry results in products with more freshness, flavor, color and aroma to entice consumers. All while requiring fewer resources and no refrigeration and to produce, transport, and store.


Next level flavor and freshness for your next product.

True Essence Flavor Symmetry doesn’t stop at fruits and veggies. We partner with coffee, cannabis, hops, herbs, and more to create an unparalleled taste experience—all with a smaller footprint on the planet.

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Partner with us to create a better tasting world.

Our technologies work with your current production process while revolutionizing your product and impact.



Expert-Led Technology Implementation

Getting the most value out of True Essence technology starts inside your facility.

True Essence Foods Farm

Listening to the soil yields firsthand experiences to bring back to the lab