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True Essence Flavor Balancing removes off-flavors and bite through a rapid pressurization process so the purest taste experience shines through.

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True Essence Flavor Balancing

Step 1 — under pressure

The food or ingredient is placed in a pressure chamber. Here, it will undergo a rapid pressurization process to remove fermentation byproducts, dissolved oxygen, and microbubbles that negatively affect the flavor experience.

True Essence Foods process
Fermentation Byproducts

Step 2 — bye, byproducts

Pressure in the chamber is then decreased to a specific point. Once reached, fermentation byproducts evaporate, allowing only the pure flavor and aroma of the product to remain.

Step 3 — pure, balanced flavor

Fermentation byproducts and volatiles are then removed from the chamber, which dramatically reduces the bite or rough taste experience of a product. The result is pitch-perfect, balanced ingredients that are ready for consumption.

Taste that’s balanced, smooth, and memorable.

True Essence Flavor Balancing helps smooth and soften the taste experience so consumers can indulge in the true flavors of a food, rather than sharp bitterness, bite, and burn that may accompany ingredients.

With flavor balancing
Without flavor balancing
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Flavor that supports a better future.

True Essence Flavor Balancing helps extend the shelf-life of packaged foods and curb the rate of shrinkage by reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen and microbubbles in a product. This ensures fresh flavor and less waste.

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Flavor you never thought possible.

We can round out the flavor on a myriad of delicious products. From coffee and chocolate to alcohols and vinegars, we partner across industries to create a memorable taste experience.

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Getting the most value out of True Essence technology starts inside your facility.

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